The Great Divide

Another Cover:  So I spent plenty of my of life thinking that high school football was overall a bad thing.  Sorry if that hurts your feelings.  I was a rebelious teen that was also clumsy, short, and slow.  So the Friday night glory always eluded me.  Furthermore, even when my brother and his friends were kicking tail at it, i mostly found it stressfull to watch him walk the tightrope in front of 2,082 (the pop. of Hale Center TX) very willing critics.

However, a few weeks ago, my hometown used their cancer awareness night to honor mom a bit and used a portion of the gate in to establish a scholorship in her honor.  I had honestly never “wanted” to go to a high school football game before, but all the sudden, i wished i lived closer to old HC because it seemed like an honorable way to spend away a Friday evening.

It’s an obscure Jack Ingram song that I’ve dug since I first heard it.  I always wanted to sing it, but i shy-ed away from its High School football opening sequence.  But now that I’m romanticising the whole experience for the first time in my life, I thought I’d take a shot at it…


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