Lean On

Recording is hard, in case you’ve never tried it.  Little mess ups that nobody cares about live, become deal breakers, your voice is so annoying to you its hard to stand, and you’re faced with how you really sound.  And then, you can get caught up in technology, microphones, mic placement, effects and the like until you are overwhelmed and you don’t finish anything.  So one night i set up a guitar mic and vocal at the same time, mic separation be damned, and pretended to perform for someone.  It was ok, not great, but ok, honest, and better than trying to sound professional.  Then Justin told me not to worry about the sound stuff, that people get caught up in sound and don’t end up accomplishing anything.  So i just decided to not obsess about sound quality, tempo, and the like and just perform for the microphone.

83 Elm Music post test.

I thought for an experimental “how does this work” first post I’d throw up an old demo that my long lost friend phil let me track in his office one day almost 8 years ago (that can’t be right!).  83 elm was the address of a place i lived with 3 other gentlemen in Worcester, MA.  Its really easy to write songs about being home when you’re not!  I can definatly relate to that feeling you get when you did something a long time ago and now you’d like to change everything about it.  But i’m not gonna do it.