So far, So fast

Heavy Alert:  These days alot of people know me as pastor josh, and believe me…that’s scarier to me that it is to you!  One of our elders the other night told me a story about his aunt’s passing that starting a me on a thought process that, a week and a half later, dismantled my world view.

When the story finally found a landing place in the bottom of my consciousness I understood something about my own life, particularly the last 3 years of it, that I hadn’t before.  Kinda like a realization i had in my mind but still didn’t seem real.  Welll, something about Ted’s story made it real to me.

I could totally title this song “Hospice” but i won’t do it, but that gives you a clue about its heaviness.  I have an idea that this is one of those cathartic songs that doesn’t really flow as a song but works well as therapy.  So don’t worry if it doesn’t work for you.  Maybe publishing this song can help me start to let some things go.  It’s recorded on a resonator instead of an acoustic and it has a natural distortion that, at times, sounds like real distortion, but it’s just the guitar.

.  thanks for your time.


’52 Vincent Black Lightning

So… I’m going to totally be a fan here. ok.  I love Reckless Kelly, if a band was going to call me right now and invite me to join them on the road, I’d pick RK over anyone. period.  That being said, they always cover this song live, and its absolutely stupendous.  Check it out on YouTube or something if your curious.  After seeing them a week or two ago, i (once again) couldn’t let go of this song, and as I told myself I’d do on this blog, i recorded a song that I love and I had fun doing it regardless of whether or not I’m being a nerdy fan, or whether its cool to do it, or whether or not my version is a shadow compared to what RK did with this Richard Thompson classic folk song.

Willie Braun always say, “this is the greatest song ever written about motorcycles and redheads”  what more do you need to know?  I copied a pic of the bike below because it is a very breath taking very vintage british motorcycle.  The one below is actually a ’52 like the song metions (redhead not pictured).