Welcome To Crazy/About

About a month ago, it became true that I’ve now been a guitarist 2/3 of my life. It’s getting harder and harder as I get more mature to find ways to make/play music. Things like jobs & responsibilities do their best to choke out inhibition; particularly when cable is so good, and there’s food to cook, dogs to feed, and grass to mow.

So…realizing that a part of me was shriveling up (sometimes my favorite part) I got my bold-on and created a vulnerable way to create and publish music that at least offered the illusion of some accountability.  So some of it will be bad, sometimes I’m just not going to struggle to hit a note until its no fun anymore, but I hope you find something you like.  Most should be originals, but from time to time, I think I’ll post something that I’ve just always wanted to sing (even if it doesn’t suit me).  All songs should be free to download, I’ve got nothing to sell.

Feel free to comment (positive and negative might be fun) and even heckle me if i get lazy and don’t post.  But, really, thank you for even clicking over at all.

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